SQL Server Extended Properties Quick Editor v1.3.4

SQL Server management studio is tedious to manage table and columns extended properties as object descriptions. This tool simplifies this task doing the management and editing extended properties easier.

To start. Configure servers connectionstrings in the servers.xml file, start application, select a server from dropdown control and select menu option Server>Connect.

Configuration servers file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Server Name="local">
<ConnectionString>Data Source=.\sqlexpress;Integrated Security=true</ConnectionString>

You can navigate the database object tree using Arrow keys. Left and right open/close nodes. The description field and the properties view is updated with the property description and properties from the selected object node.
You can navigate quickly from object tree to description field using Tab and Shift+Tab, when the description field lost focus its force update the description property to database object.
You can use in the way of: select node, tab to description, edit description, shift+tab (description force to update) and you can navigate to another node with arrow keys.

Edit a property, simply click cell and F2, accept changes when pulse enter, move to another cell with arrow keys or click in another cell.
Delete property when select a row and pulse "Supr".
Add new property using "Add" button.
Retrieve changes, changes made outside this tool can be retrieved selecting "Refresh" from menu view. Requery all server objects again.
Add Global Properties, from menu edit you can select to add a property to all tables of current database or add a property to all columns of current table. if you configure override option to true, this allow you to modify properties values in the same manner.
Delete properties globally, from menu edit you can delete the selected property to all tables in the current database or to all columns in the current table.
Mask variables, you can use $TableName$ and $ColumnName$ mask variables in property values. Simply put one of this mask variables in the property value and it replace with the current values.



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