Last stable release 1.6.2

SQL Server extended properties editor. Designed to edit tables and column descriptions, and manage extended properties easily and quickly.

General Features:
Treeview to navigating database object tree.
Grid view to quick edit extended properties.
Multiple server configuration. Server and database selector.
Mask variables, you can use $TableName$ and $ColumnName$ mask variables in property values. Simply put one of this mask variables in the property value and it replace with the current values.
Manage extended properties at database scope or table scope.
Add, modify and delete operations could be made at selected scope or at databse scope.
Options form to edit the application preferences.
Helper form to support long text editing.
ORM LinqToSQL code generator, generate context and entities classes with multiple files support. (c#)
ORM extended properties initializer to create all needed properties to code generation.

Feedback is necesary to improve the software, please rate this tool and tell me errors or suggest features in discussion list.

Whats new in 1.6.1:
Add an edit form to support long text editing. double click to open editor.
Add an ORM extended properties initializer to create all needed properties.
Fixed several errors in ORM generation.
Fixed several errors in extended properties scope edition.
Enable linqToSql generation (at this moment only support multiple files).

Review source code can help you if you are interested in sql server SMO.

Current release version 1.6.1. Review the documentation.
A Win32 installer supplied, it will remove old versions prior to install the current version. It override the file servers.xml during install, duplicate your servers file to avoid losing your configurated connectionstrings.


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